When promoting your business online, don’t overlook one of the most versatile forms of modern media: videos. Compared to written posts, banner ads, and digital radio spots, videos combine visual, audio, and written content into a single source, making them appealing to a range of audiences. Thus no matter your industry or customer base, video must play a central role in your marketing strategy. By making concise videos tailored to your specific market, you can both attract large numbers of customers and convince them to stay for the long haul.

The Keys to Creating Marketing Videos

While each company’s content should be unique, certain features are essential in any market. These include:

  • Humanizing Faces– Whenever possible, include clips and images of your customers, employees, and other people who are involved with your company. By showing real people having positive interactions, you put a human face on your brand, convincing viewers to trust you and to picture themselves as customers.
  • Coordinated Multimedia– The best videos combine multiple different forms of media and coordinate them with each other in order to make a single, clear point. If you have a narrator speaking, for example, you can supplement what they are saying with relevant images or brief written phrases highlighting key points. Not only does this make the video more interesting, but it helps viewers remember important messages.
  • Clear Conversions– Effective marketing videos end by directing viewers to take a specific action that adds value to your company. This can be making a purchase, visiting your website, calling you, or signing up for a mailing list. These and other conversions channel viewers’ interest into the potential for real sales.

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