Intrackt For Uniform Companies

Uniform companies deserve an expert team that will help them build a website specific to their business rules and customer requirements.

Why Intrackt for Uniform Companies?

Intrackt for Uniform Companies is led by a uniform industry veteran. Rick Levine has been working with uniform manufacturers, uniform dealers, and uniform programs for decades. He was the publisher of Made To Measure magazine for 20+ years. He was the original founder of UniformMarket, a software company that to this day continues to help uniform companies manage their uniform programs. He has been a strategic consultant and trusted technology advisor on well over 1,000 different websites for uniform sellers.

So Rick knows the uniform world. He’s one of you.

Rick is the CEO of Intrackt and works with the team to create uniform websites that address the specific needs of uniform sellers. Intrackt has developed a core set of custom website plugins to meet the unique requirements of uniform sellers and their shoppers. For example, Intrackt Ledgers helps uniform sellers set up an employee allowance program. Intrackt Bundles and Groups establish purchasing rules for products based on how many of specific products or product categories an employee is allowed to purchase.

Rick will work with you to create a website you will love.

Rick will get to know your goals for your website.

Whether it’s to simply have an online marketing website or a robust online store, we can create that website for you. You can build an informative, services based uniform company personality website, or perhaps you want to manage small or large uniform programs with a robust eCommerce website. Rick will be happy to discuss the pros and cons of these decisions as well as countless others:

  • How much should we give customers control over their own employee shoppers? 
  • How should pricing be handled? 
  • What can we do for small accounts that still want a custom online experience? 
  • Is selling stock products from all our suppliers on a public site worth it?
  • Do you want a blog? 
  • What about a calendar, social media, email lists, and other marketing tools?

All the little decisions that come along with creating and managing your uniform website can be daunting. We are here to help.

Ready to dig deeper?

  • We can create your entire online brand if you are new to having a website
  • We will host your website so you don’t have to deal with multiple providers.
  • We are experienced marketers so we can help guide you once the website is ready to work!
  • We can guide you through the product, program, and employee purchaser upload process regardless of what technical expertise you do or don't have.
  • We can teach you how to manage your website yourself so updates can be done the second you need them. Or, we can manage the website for you and relieve you of that headache!
  • We are always available! Yes, we sleep. We even nap on occasion. But we are available to our clients on days, evenings, and weekends. 

Give us try. Give us a listen. Give yourself Intrackt.