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Who We Are


A serial entrepreneur Rick Levine has a rich background in helping companies of all sizes achieve their online business objectives. As a founding partner at web pioneer xBx Channel Media he worked with companies such as Motorola on a global calendar application for press announcements, and Tiger Electronics with online games for their toys. He was the cofounder of UniformMarket which built a SaaS platform on which over 20 million employees ordered uniforms every year from 300 different companies. He maintains a lifelong passion for the arts and works with performance groups and fine artists to create their web portfolios. He maintains an active mission to assist nonprofits and foundations grow operations and promote events.


Al Baker has a degree in Mathematics from Illinois Institute of Technology and has been working continuously as a software designer and developer since the summer after his freshman year.  He has had a book published by Reston, "TRS-80 Programs and Applications for the Color Computer", and for a time was a columnist for two computer magazines.  Besides business applications, he has spent part of his career as an independent game contractor for NES, Sega, Atari, and others.  Most recently he has focused on building online e-commerce solutions that emphasize ease of use and intuitive design.  His particular interest is solving business problems involving interoperability between platforms and meeting special purpose business needs.  Two examples are the initial designs of the UniformMarket and Sellers Commerce e-commerce platforms.

STEVEN MORENO, Comics Director

Collecting comics has been a lifelong pursuit for Steven Moreno. His collection of long boxes is in fact greater than years he has lived. He regularly engages with other comic sellers and comic shops, working with them on best practice strategies for buying and selling. He is an experienced customer success manager with a demonstrated history of success in SaaS technologies and website management. As a teacher his professional skills e-learning, K-12 education, classroom management, and educational technology. He has a Master's degree in Educational, Instructional, and Curriculum Supervision from Concordia University Texas.

KATHY HALPER, Artists Director

Kathy Halper has been a professional artist for decades. Her work has been shown at galleries across the country including New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. She has received best in show awards and pleased to be included in notable collections. She is a codirector of Evanston Made, a nonprofit focused on connecting, educating and promoting artists. She has been featured in international publications on her work and interviewed for television and podcasts. Her commitment to helping artists create and manage their online portfolios is a natural extension of her efforts to promote her own work.

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