As a small business launching a digital marketing strategy, you may assume that you must build your reputation from the ground up. But thanks to influencer marketing, you can benefit from the reputations that others have already established. Influencer marketing involves working with vloggers, bloggers, and other online personalities who have attracted large numbers of followers. By getting these individuals to recommend your company, you can immediately gain the interest of thousands or even millions of potential customers, setting the stage for swift but enduring success.

How to Attract Influencers

Influencers can boost your online reputation, but only if you can get them to mention you in the first place. To do so, try:

  • Sending Free Samples– One of the simplest ways to attract influencer support is to send them sample products for free. Suggest, but don’t directly state, that you’ll send more if they mention those products to followers. If your company doesn’t sell physical products, consider offering them discounts on your services.
  • Offering a Platform– Instead of asking influencers to mention you on their platforms, invite them onto your own. If you have a company podcast, interview them; if you have a blog, let them write guest posts. Many influencers will be happy to do so, eager to appeal to a wider range of potential followers.
  • Provide Free Publicity– Even if they have not yet agreed to work with you, mention influencers positively on your site and link to their platforms. They will appreciate the free publicity, making them more likely to work with you.

In attracting influencer support, make sure to look for individuals who discuss topics related to your products. For more information on success in influencer marketing and digital marketing more broadly, contact Intrackt today.