Intrackt WordPress and WooCommerce Plugins

Intrackt Plugins For WordPress & WooCommerce

Intrackt has been developing custom plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce websites for years. Our clients benefit from our ability to create a plugin completely from scratch to match a set of precise business requirements. We also commonly work with clients to adapt existing WordPress or WooCommerce plugins in the marketplace. Often existing plugins have the majority of functionality a business, nonprofit, comic shop, or artist need for their website, but there are several features the plugin may be lacking.

Below are examples of plugins we have developed ourselves or extended the functions of third party plugins.

Intrackt Offers

  • Shopper can make an offer to purchase an item below the listed purchase price
  • Appears on every product or only the specific products you select
  • Module has a hidden “minimum sell value” so only serious offers are sent

Intrackt Companion Products

  • Shopper can define companion products to associate with other products
  • Companion products do not appear on the product page for the product
  • When the product is ordered, the same quantity of the companion product is also added to the cart

Intrackt Vendors

  • Advanced control to help manage the vendor experience when adding or editing their products.
  • Better isolation of the vendor from the customer to retain those relationships with the store.
  • Improve the vendor admin and storefront experience when managing their products and offers and optionally hiding those offers from the store owner to prevent accidental interference.
  • Improves support for other 3rd party plugins with special support for Offers for WooCommerce by Angell Eye.



Consignment Seller Manager

  • Your customers can sell products on consignment on the website
  • Sellers load their own products, then you and seller are notified of sales
  • You can manage also sellers and their products

Customer Want Lists

  • Allows customers to add products they would like to wish lists
  • Whenever a match is found the module will notify the customer via email
  • Customers can enter general or specific items in their want list

Advanced Search Functions

  • Allow for sophisticated search functions
  • Shoppers can select items by title, condition, issue, grade, and comic age
  • Advanced search specific for other types of collectibles such as Magic Cards