As a small business trying to build public awareness, you must take full advantage of all available marketing resources. Not only are content marketing, social media posting, and SEO-friendly web design valuable individually, but they complement one another. If you coordinate these activities properly, each will enhance the effectiveness of all the others:

  • Social Media Posting– Posting on social networks bolsters the effectiveness of both your website and your marketing content. Tweets, Instagram uploads, and other posts raise awareness of your company, causing more people to visit your site in the first place. You can also use social media to post your marketing content, and through careful tagging, you can associate it with trending topics. This increases the number of people who will see and take an interest in it.
  • Content Marketing– Just as social media makes consumers more aware of your marketing content, content can make them more willing to follow you on social media. The more interesting and relevant your content is, the more eager consumers will be to see new posts, leading them to follow you. Effective content also establishes you as an authority on your industry, convincing more consumers to explore your website.
  • Web Design– A well-designed website offers a convenient, unified location for past and prospective customers to view your content and link to your social media posts. The more appealing your website is and the easier it is to navigate, the more willing consumers will be to view and follow all your marketing materials.

Intrackt offers web design, content writing, social posting, and a wide range of other marketing services, which we coordinate with each other for maximal effectiveness. For more information about the benefits of a holistic marketing strategy, contact us today.