As an artist promoting your work online for the first time, finding a hosting service can be daunting. Hosting services are expensive, and while the publicity they give your art may be well worth what you pay, you will only benefit if you can figure out how to use their best features. Complex and confusing hosts won’t help you, no matter how much you invest.

WordPress offers a simple solution to this problem. This platform comes with a range of easy-to-use features, simple ways to update pages and a variety of ways to showcase your galleries of artwork. Intrackt will guide you through the entire WordPress process, including:

  1. Initial Setup– We begin by setting up your WordPress site for you. The website will be hosted by Intrackt who will provides outstanding support at every turn.
  2. Secure a Domain Name– We help you to choose the domain name that best reflects your work and your identity as an artist. Our team can also advise you on names that customers can remember easily and that will perform well in search results.
  3. Installing a Theme– WordPress offers a selection of visual themes for your pages. We help you choose the one that best serves your art and customize it in whatever way you think best.
  4. Ongoing Support– We provide comprehensive support whenever you need it, allowing you to add, edit, and promote artwork on your WordPress site with ease.

WordPress is a valuable resource for artists of all stripes, and with Intrackt’s help, you’ll have no trouble making the most of it. For more information on using online tools to promote your art, contact us today.