Comic book collectors and brokers are among the most dedicated and passionate consumers in the world. These die-hard fans are more active and engaged, and that is what social media is all about. They are more likely to comment and share content that appeals to them, which can help to exponentially grow your reach through these massive digital communities.

Popular Social Media Sites for Comic Book Stores

Each social media platform has unique features and functions that cater to specific types of businesses. The following are the most popular ones that can be most effective at expanding the reach and level of engagement for the comic book industry.

Google Business

Creating a Google Business profile will serve as a digital business card housing all of the important information about our operation. Fans can find your store hours, locations, and link back to your website. Having a current Google Business account will also allow your store to show up on Google Maps to let your customers quickly and easily find your shop.


Facebook is the golden standard of social media networks. With billions of active users spread all around the world, it is an ideal platform to share events and updates, and engage your most dedicated fans with you and each other. Use your Facebook timeline as a meeting place where die-hards can share photos, stories, and discuss the latest editions, storylines, and characters.


The most popular photo and video sharing app in the world is the perfect fit for such a visual medium as comic book stores. Your Instagram profile can be used to showcase best selling items, your physical store, and photos from your staff, and your fans and followers. Though Instagram does not allow you to link back to your site in posts or comments, implementing hashtags is an effective way to cluster consumers and expand your reach.


The Twittersphere can be a bit of an echo chamber and wasteland for tweets that come and go quickly. However, it is still an effective tool for comic shops to announce promotional events, roll out new products, and connect with a large audience of interested consumers of comic books and memorabilia. Connect directly with fans to engage in a personal way to answer questions and address any concerns.

6 Tips to Build Up Your Comic Book Shop Social Media Presence

The creation and maintenance of your social media properties needs to be taken seriously. Approach Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others as an effective digital marketing tool that can reach and engage large volumes of current and future customers. Following these tips will help you maximize the power of social media to grow your online presence and establish your store as a leader and a valuable source in the comic book industry.

  • Stick to Your Branding Elements

Comic books are a visual medium relying on dynamic, stimulating graphics. Your banners, profile picture, and imagery in your posts should reflect those elements of your brand that make you stand out.

  • Live Streams

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter now offer functionality to go live at any time from anywhere with a stable internet connection. Going live allows you to promote your store and engage with your customer base in real time.

  • Fan Promotions, Competitions

Set up fan nights, competitions, and other promotions that will highlight the unique nature of the comic book world. Thematic gatherings and promotional events will get your fan base involved with your social media page and your business.

  • Exclusive Offers

Drive people to your social media accounts with exclusive offers, new releases, and content that can only be found there.

  • Promote Engagement and Outreach

Comic book fans love to have their voices heard and get intimately involved. Ask questions, conduct polls, and post content that will lead to discussions among your followers.

  • Offer Incentives to Visit Your Comic Book Shop

Use your social media properties to drive consumers to visit your store. Offer rewards and incentives to make them want to come to see you in person.

Let Intrackt Create, Grow Your Social Media and Online Presence

Intrackt digital marketing specialists can work with you to create, manage, and expand those social media accounts that are most likely to attract the largest groups of followers and potential customers. We love comics as much as you do and have the experience and knowledge to maximize the power of social media for your comic book store. Contact Intrackt for complete information and get started on growing your social media presence today.