As modern businesses depend increasingly on search engines to draw in new customers, marketers are getting better and better at search engine optimization, or SEO. From blog posts to ebooks to social media pages, they know how to make virtually any written content appear in the top of search results. When content isn’t written, however, marketers often assume that there is no way to use SEO, and thus pay little attention to how podcasts and other audio publications perform on search engines.

In fact, there is enormous potential to optimize your audio content for search engines. While the audio itself will not affect search results, you can supplement it with countless features that will, including:

  • Audio Titles– The simplest way to improve your audio content’s SEO is to give each podcast a carefully-crafted title. Ideally, this title should provide a clear description of what the audio publication is about while also making use of one or two keywords. Not only will a quality title perform better in search results, but it may also improve the clickthrough rate.
  • File Names– In addition to the title, give the podcast a short but clear file name that includes a keyword. This will boost SEO while encouraging listeners to download.
  • Supplementary Text– Include written text to supplement each publication. One of the simplest ways to do this is to type up a transcript and post it below the audio file. You can also include brief descriptions of each section of the podcast, along with timestamps that link listeners to the beginning of each section. Make sure to include keywords liberally in these and all other supplementary texts.

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