When it comes to online marketing, motivation is indispensable. It’s not enough to get your readers or viewers interested in a product, service, or idea; you have to tie that interest to a clear, beneficial action they can take. Calls to action are the simplest away to push consumers toward a conversion. Usually included at the end of a piece of content, they encourage potential customers to contact or learn more about your company, transforming initial interest into actionable steps.

The Key to Effective Calls to Action

When writing calls to action, take into account:

  • Devices Used– Different devices warrant distinct calls to action. If potential customers are likely to read or watch your content on a tablet or desktop computer, the call to action should invite them to visit your website or sign up for an email list. But if they’re viewing it on their smartphone, you may want to include a click-to-call link, especially if the call to action specifically encourages them to contact you.
  • Motivation for More– Consider why consumers might be interested in following up with your company. Some may want more information on a topic; others may already have the information they need and be ready to purchase. Your call to action should specifically address this motivation.
  • Positive Associations– The more positively readers and viewers remember you and your content, the more likely they are to purchase from you. For this reason, the specific command verb you choose should invoke positive emotions. If you’re selling retirement portfolios, for example, consider something like “get started on a comfortable retirement today.”

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