When it comes to raising online publicity for your company, the most important factors are often the subtlest ones. This has never been more true than with hyperlinks, which play a critical role in the search engine optimization of your site. By inserting relevant hyperlinks strategically, you can immediately raise your search rank while getting other sites to link to yours, generating a large and robust stream of new customers.

How Hyperlinks Can Bolster Your Business

There are a number of ways to use hyperlinks that will attract and appeal to more customers, including:

  • Internal Linking– Internal links are hyperlinks on one page of your site that connect to other pages. You can use them to guide readers through your site, as well as to establish a hierarchy where the most important pages have the largest numbers of links from others. Sites that use hyperlinks effectively rank higher in search engine results than those that don’t. They also tend to be easier to navigate, so more potential customers who visit your site will want to stay on it.
  • External Linking– This involves linking to pages on other sites from your own. External links improve the customer experience by helping visitors who find your site to access other relevant services and information. In the long run, they can also convince those other sites to link back to yours, sending you more traffic and raising your search rank.

It’s critical that every hyperlink you use be highly relevant. The page you link to should relate directly to the one you’re linking from, and you should insert the link into text that is closely connected to the other page. For more information on using hyperlinks and other resources for digital marketing, contact Intrackt today.