No digital marketing methods better combine visual and audio content than videos. By using clips to promote your company, you have the potential to attract a wider range of viewers while leaving an impression that they are unlikely to forget. But not all videos are created equal, and in order to benefit fully from this medium, you must create compelling clips. The following simple tips will allow you to make engaging, effective videos with ease:

  1. Feature Human FacesРWhenever possible, show the faces of your employees, customers, and other people associated with your company. This helps to humanize your firm while making it easier for potential customers to see themselves purchasing from you.
  2. Balance Audio & Text– Voice-overs provide a convenient opportunity to give viewers details about your company, but you must make sure they can process and remember what you say. The simplest way to do this is to use visual text to highlight key details from each part of the audio. This reinforces what viewers hear while making it easier for them to go back through your video and review essential points.
  3. Include (Relevant) Humor– The most effective videos are often the funniest. Not only will more viewers want to watch funny videos in the first place, but clips that make them laugh will be more memorable and will cultivate a more positive brand image. But you must make sure that any humorous content you include relates directly to your company; irrelevant jokes will only confuse viewers.

As effective as videos are, they are only one element of a successful digital marketing strategy. Intrackt has the experience and expertise to develop a holistic marketing campaign incorporating videos and all other forms of content. For more information, visit our website today.