When customers consider where to make their purchases, they don’t want to buy from some faceless entity. They want an emotional connection with the places where they shop, feeling that they are interacting with real human beings who have values, passions, and concerns like theirs. Thus if you want to encourage customers to choose your business and keep coming back, you must put a human face on your brand.

Simple Strategies to Humanize Your Company

Giving your company a human face involves showcasing the activities and desires of your employees and customers. You can do this through:

  • Pictorial Presentation– One of the simplest ways to humanize your company is to include pictures of your employees and customers throughout your website and promotional materials. Ideally, these pictures should show them having meaningful interactions related to your business, and should focus on their faces. Each image you use must be directly related to the text or page where you present it.
  • Testimonial Tactics– In addition to showing pictures of your customers, ask them to give testimonials about their experience with your company. Then post those testimonials on your website. Put particular emphasis on anecdotes that show how your company made their life easier or helped them achieve some important personal goal. Make sure you have their permission to post such stories publicly.
  • Film in Focus– When you promote your brand with videos, include clips of customers talking about their experience with your company, as well as employees talking about their passion for their jobs or your company culture. Such videos provide the best of both testimonials and pictures, humanizing your company on multiple fronts.

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