Whether your goal is to cut marketing costs or increase consumer engagement, live video is among the most effective ways to achieve it. By broadcasting videos as you record them, you let current and potential customers immerse themselves in your daily activities and feel more closely connected to your team. This improves your brand’s appeal dramatically, all with minimal planning or editing. The following tips will help you incorporate live video seamlessly into your business:

1. Set Ground Rules

To use live video effectively, your whole team must be ready and willing to record at any moment. But not all employees know what is appropriate to say and show, which is why you must set clear standards before you call on your staff to make videos. Explain what facts, people, and events you want associated with your brand, as well as what types of things it is acceptable to film. This ensures that employees do not inadvertently harm your brand.

2. Identify Film-Worthy Situations

Once employees know the ground rules, advise them on the ideal settings for live videos. Company parties, corporate conferences, and business trips make for great streaming, as can meetings with clients, provided they agree to be filmed ahead of time. This makes it easier for employees to begin filming if they’ve never done so before.

3. Expand Your Platforms

When you first begin live-streaming, it makes sense to choose a single platform, be it YouTube, Periscope, Facebook, or Snap. But over time, you should expand into as many platforms as possible. In doing so, become familiar with each platform’s specific features, and learn how to make videos suited for them.


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