Even the most prolific artists can need assistance to put their work in the best positions to get purchased in today’s digital age. Art is different from other businesses, even other creative endeavors. The purchase of a work of art is a personal experience that most often requires in-person, face-to-artwork contact to make the kind of connection that leads to a sale.

Yet like so many others before it, the art world is adapting and you now have a wide range of opportunities to build up a following and make more sales using online assets and platforms. Intrackt works with artists like you to extend your reach to more potential customers than ever.

5 Tips to Help You Sell Your Art Online

The following are some helpful tips to help you take advantage of the power of online marketing, networking, and sales techniques to help you sell more of your work.

1. Networking vs. Sales

It is best to look at your social media pages as effective networking tools rather than sales and revenue generators. Facebook, Instagram, and the others are great for communicating with existing customers, fellow artists, and others in the art community, they are just not outlets that people use to buy art. There are sales platforms and sites like Etsy, eCommerce sites, and other online galleries you can use to drum up new customers. Be cautious and understand the pricing and commission structures before jumping in.

2. Maintain Offline Marketing Efforts

The best way to sell your art is to have people physically look at our work to make the personal connection needed to make the sale. Online marketing efforts should be used to augment offline sales strategies that are far more effective, as opposed to a replacement for them.

3. Utilize Multiple Marketing Platforms

The more online sales platforms you can display your art on, the better your chances of making a sale. Each has varying functions, large ranges of choices, and features that appeal to slightly different kinds of art enthusiasts. Do your homework and investigate the online art networks that might work best for you to sell your art.

4. Keep Information and Your Works Updated

You are your best salesperson. You know your art better than any marketing professional or content writer could ever understand your pieces. It is crucial to include detailed information regarding you as an individual and categories of your work. The descriptions and added information you provide will help to compensate for the lack of an in-person connection.

5. Let Your Website Work for You

Artist websites have traditionally not been all that effective at drawing customers who will purchase your art through the site. The team of digital marketers at Intrackt takes full advantage of the newest approaches designed to help sell your art. 

Artplacer allows your website visitors to see what individual pieces of your work look when placed in various parts of different rooms of a home. Choose the room and drag the work to areas of the room to see how it would look. Intrackt also allows your website visitors the option of ordering prints of your artwork through the drop ship services at Printful.com.

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