The comic book world has been turned upside down in recent years with the rapid rise of online communication and the devastating aftereffects of the global coronavirus pandemic. The good news is that comics are still selling exceptionally well and viewed by fans and sellers as an essential business. Comic shops have been forced to adjust to the changing times and find new ways to attract buyers without them having to visit your physical store.  

5 Ideas to Attract Comic Buyers

In today’s digital age and times of social distancing, it is more important than ever to engage with potential customers using the latest communication tools and platforms. The following are the most effective ways to attract large numbers of comic buyers without them having to visit your store:

1. Social Media Accounts

There are massive digital communities filled with millions of users that interact and engage multiple times every day. Social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter now dominates the way people communicate the conduct business all over the world. Personal and business accounts allow you to post original content that has the potential to expand your reach exponentially.

Comics sit in a unique industry that relies on passionate hobbyists that want to do more than just buy and sell products and memorabilia. They want to talk about it, discuss and argue about characters and plotlines, haggle about worth and value. Your social media accounts serve as highly effective two-way marketing tools that provide unprecedented opportunities to engage directly with potential buyers and other comic book fans. Posting photos, videos, polls, or your latest, greatest comic book discoveries will get your followers and others to become emotionally invested in your page and your business. They will come to rely on you as a trusted resource on their way to become loyal customers to your brand.

2. Social Media Groups

Anyone who has spent any time at all in a comic book store has witnessed or been a part of gatherings of passionate comic book enthusiasts. It has traditionally been one of the big draws to get traffic into your physical store. With the rapid rise of online communication and social media activity, a lot of these people now meet on digital platforms from the comforts of their own home. Social media giants like Facebook provide group functions to cluster large numbers of like-minded hobbyists and consumers in a smaller digital community.

Social media groups provide excellent ways to reach and engage with active comic book fans. Regular engagement with the people in these groups will enable you form relationships and build up consumer confidence and establish your business as an industry leader. You can also pair up with other comic stores to jointly promote your businesses through groups on Facebook and other popular social media outlets.

3. Live Video Streams

Internet and mobile device technology have made it possible to reach large groups of consumers instantly and engage with them directly in real-time through live video streams. Is there a new series or special edition coming out? Have you acquired rare books or other items you want to showcase? Are you planning a grand opening or other big events? Go live and communicate with your customers and potential customers directly. Take questions, ask for input, conduct interviews or panel discussions, and engage viewers in other ways to make them feel like they are a part of the process.

4. Videos

There is no more powerful media format than video. Today’s internet users consume more video content than ever all day, every day. Viewers of video content absorb and retain information far better than the written word or even photo galleries. YouTube is not only the world’s largest digital video warehouse, but it is also the internet’s second-biggest search engine behind Google. Video is performing better than ever on prominent search engines, meaning properly optimized content will help to generate more views and more visitors to your website and other digital properties.

5. Email Campaigns, Newsletters

You should be constantly cultivating and growing your distribution list, sending regular communications to your customers through emails and newsletters. Make it worth their time by offering specials, discounts, and other incentives to those who subscribe.  Including video content in these correspondences will increase your chances of success. In fact, just including the word “VIDEO’ in the subject line will automatically improve open and click-through rates for your email and newsletter campaigns.

Let Intrackt Help You Attract Comic Buyers Online

At Intrackt, we love comics and related memorabilia every bit as much as you and your customers do. Our team is comprised of long-time comic book fans. We want to help you succeed and know the best ways to increase your online exposure and attract comic buyers without them having to physically go to your store. Contact Intrackt and get started today.