The only way to compete in the current business climate is to have a fully optimized, fully functional, high performing website that will draw attention and quality consumers to your business. WordPress is a popular and dynamic website content management system that is used throughout the world by businesses of all sizes and kinds to build and maintain websites that perform on search engines and drive high volumes of potential customers.

WordPress offers a wide range of flexibility and functionality that is ideal for both beginners and web design veterans with years of experience. Customized websites for businesses of all sizes and industries can be designed, built, and maintained by both professionals and amateurs alike. The WordPress interface is compatible with all computer formats with user-friendly navigation so even those without advanced knowledge of HTML coding and programming experience can create and update professional, modern websites that will increase your online presence to help grow your business.

Benefits of WordPress to Build, Maintain Your Website

Whether you are a small business owner creating and operating your website in-house or a large eCommerce corporation using a professional web design and development company, WordPress offers a wide range of valuable benefits to using their content management system to enter, manage and promote the products and services your business provides.

Flexible, Adaptable

Originally developed to house and support blogs and other online content publishing needs, WordPress is now a full-service management system for website design, development, and digital marketing. WordPress sites can be used to promote small retail businesses, create personal or business blogs, or run a massive eCommerce site with millions of products. WordPress sites are designed to be adjusted, adapted, and updated to fit the needs of an ever-changing digital marketplace.

User-Friendly Interface

WordPress sites can be built and launched literally in just a few minutes of set up and preparation by someone with little or no technical background or experience. Your user-friendly dashboard has everything you need to guide you through edits, additions, and improvements. You can easily customize the site’s heading and layout properties and begin creating content immediately.

Customizable Website Themes

WordPress offers a large variety of customized basic and advanced theme packages that are used to brand your site. Thousands of options are available through the WordPress directory or you can have professional website designers create a theme specifically tailored to your business.

Plugins Offer Specialized Functions

Hundreds of plugins are available to offer specialized and customized functionality and features to your website. From shopping carts to photo galleries, contact forms to live chats, plugins make your site unique and easy for visitors to navigate. These plugins can be installed and activated in minutes and they can also be deactivated and uninstalled as your website and business grows and evolves.

Search Engine Rankings

The main reason your business even has a website is to reach out to the widest possible segments of potential customers and clients. The best way to do that is for your site to rank high on Google and other search engines so those people who are searching for the products and services you provide will find your business first. WordPress sites perform well on search engine results pages (SERPs) and include a range of valuable tools and plugins to use for effective search engine optimization (SEO) of your website and content.

Mobile Responsive

More online users are connected through cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices than ever. WordPress sites are mobile responsive, meaning they adjust in size and scope to look great and run smoothly on all types and sizes of devices.

WooCommerce for eCommerce Sites of All Types, Sizes

Online shopping has dominated retail industries and changed the way the world conducts business. Developed by and totally compatible with WordPress, WooCommerce is a free plugin that offers powerful, easy-to-use solutions to help manage eCommerce sites that sell all kinds and volumes of products.

Benefits of using WooCommerce to help run and manage your eCommerce website include:

  • WooCommerce is free to download and use
  • Customized themes to match your business and website brand elements
  • Wide range of customizable functions, features, and extensions
  • Great for SEO marketing to get your site to rank on Google and other search engines
  • Can house, categorize, and manage an unlimited number of products and variations
  • Seamlessly connect to eBay, Amazon, and other online marketplaces

WordPress, WooCommerce Offer Online Tools to Grow Your Business

Designing, building, and marketing your company website through the WordPress content management system and WooCommerce plugin will give your business the best chances to rise in search engine rankings. Generate the kind of quality website traffic that will increase your brand awareness and allow you to grab a larger share of the market in your industry by creating and maintaining your website on WordPress.

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