When most people think of content marketing, they imagine short blog posts and video clips that potential customers can finish in a matter of minutes. But not all consumers are looking for quick facts about your company or industry. Many seek to understand your product and history in detail, and are willing to devote hours to doing so. By creating ebooks, webinars, and other longform content, you can appeal to these deeply interested consumers and earn reliable customers for the long haul.

The Benefits of Longform Content

Writing the occasional ebook or putting together periodic webinars is more than worth the effort it takes, providing you with:

  • An Air of Authority– Any company can churn out brief blog posts and clips about their products or industry. But only those with a deep understanding of their field can write or record at length about them. Longform content establishes you as a true authority, making potential customers more likely to trust you for information, goods, and services.
  • A Loyal Customer Base– Customers with the deepest interest in your products tend to be the most loyal. If someone is willing to spend hours reading your ebook or watching your webinar, they likely have a strong, long-term need for your product. Winning them over will benefit you for years to come.
  • A Source of Future Content– Because ebooks and webinars cover lots of topics, they give you a chance to see which ones consumers react most strongly to. After you release longform content, pay attention to customer comments and other feedback. If there is a particular topic that interests them, you know to create more marketing content on that topic.

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