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Emotional Engagement: Putting A Human Face On Your Company

When customers consider where to make their purchases, they don’t want to buy from some faceless entity. They want an emotional connection with the places where they shop, feeling that they are interacting with real human beings who have values, passions, and concerns like theirs....

Movie Magic: Tips For Enhancing Your Marketing Videos

No digital marketing methods better combine visual and audio content than videos. By using clips to promote your company, you have the potential to attract a wider range of viewers while leaving an impression that they are unlikely to forget. But not all videos are...

Calls To Action Considered: What Makes A Good Motivator?

When it comes to online marketing, motivation is indispensable. It’s not enough to get your readers or viewers interested in a product, service, or idea; you have to tie that interest to a clear, beneficial action they can take. Calls to action are the simplest...

Twitter Tactics: The Benefits Of Marketing Tweets

When most businesses think of social media marketing, Facebook immediately comes to mind, and it’s not hard to see why. Facebook is by far the largest media company in the United States, and small businesses can boost brand awareness significantly by establishing a presence there....

Personalities & Publicity: How To Take Advantage Of Online Influencers

As a small business launching a digital marketing strategy, you may assume that you must build your reputation from the ground up. But thanks to influencer marketing, you can benefit from the reputations that others have already established. Influencer marketing involves working with vloggers, bloggers, and other...